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Not only do we value and practice integrity in what we do, we are committed to excellence in our work. Before getting started we will discuss the process with you up front, addressing any questions or concerns. Next, we will gather the team members to ensure that the best stratey and practices are implemented in your home based upon your requests. Following these preliminary steps we proceed with our superior cleaning process:

  1. Vent Register Cleaning: The registers are the grills that are attached at the end of the duct work openings which direct the air into your home. These registers are the last part of the system to touch the air before entering each room. We remove and clean them as part of our complete and thorough air duct cleaning service.
  2. Clean Air Ducts Part 1 - Traditional Method: We start by cleaning your air ducts by agitating and disrupting the dust and dirt in your air vents and duct work while simultaneously vacuuming it with our high powered 3 stage industrial HEPA filtered vacuum system. Performing traditional duct cleaning is common to air duct cleaning companies throughout Arizona but Integrity only STARTS with this process.
  3. Clean Air Ducts Part 2 - The Mop & Scrub Method™: This step involves a proper and thorough cleaning of the duct work. At Integrity Air Duct Cleaning of Arizona we utilize custom-built tools to implement our own proprietary duct cleaning process we call the Mop & Scrub Method™. This method of cleaning is unmatched and provides the cleanest, most thorough results, GUARANTEED! The Mop & Scrub Method™ far exceeds all traditional methods of duct cleaning used by other duct cleaning companies in Arizona and throughout the Country. That's a BIG CLAIM, and we stand behind it! Learn more about our Mop & Scrub Method™.
  4. Sanitizing & Odor Removal: Our customers have 2 options. Our standard sanitation process is implemented during our Mop & Scrub Method™ process. However, as an alternative option, some homeowners choose the PureAir Treatment™ as a final step. This odor removal process kills bacteria, viruses, mold, and odor and provides a complete "sterilization" of the duct work, HVAC system, and all air and surface area inside the home using our exclusive "green" technology. To learn more about the results others have experienced using the PureAir Treatment™ please see our video testimonials at our site: www.PureAirTreatment.com.
  5. Additional Recommendation – Evaporator Coil Cleaning: The evaporator coils are at the heart of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system. Cleaning the coils improves indoor air quality to a greater degree. Integrity offers coil cleaning as a service to our customers. However, in some HVAC system layouts we recommend one of our "Integrity Trusted" HVAC partners to access and clean your AC coils.

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