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Integrity Duct Cleaning of Arizona is a family owned company and a division of AZ Odor Removal LLC. Doug, a passionate entrepreneur and Arizona native founded the company. He also developed the PureAir Treatment process which is an all-natural process used to remove odors and sanitize the application area in which it's applied. He often recommended his customers get their air ducts cleaned prior to an odor removal treatment. In order to better serve his customers, Doug sought out to find a quality duct cleaning company to recommend to his customers. He was surprised to find their work to be incomplete, not thorough, and in some cases downright misleading! Seeing the need for integrity and better results for his customers, Doug added a new division of AZ Odor Removal to focus exclusively on air duct cleaning and named it Integrity Duct Cleaning of Arizona.

As Doug began testing the variety of duct cleaning methods, he soon realized that ALL of the traditional methods of air duct cleaning were only partially effective at truly "cleaning" the duct work. Not satisfied with these results he began his search for a better, more effective solution to cleaning the ducts in his customer's homes. After a process of testing, trial, and custom fabrication the Mop & Scrub Methodâ„¢ was developed.

The amazing results The Mop & Scrub Methodâ„¢ offers are simply shocking! The only problem remaining is getting the word out about this amazing method of air duct cleaning and the exceptional results it provides!

Only Integrity Duct Cleaning of Arizona performs this proprietary method of duct cleaning. Call for more questions or to book an appointment.

The Integrity Promise

Our Mission: Integrity Air Duct Cleaning exists to serve our customers with honesty and respect while providing the most complete and thorough air duct cleaning in the industry at a fair, fully disclosed price.

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