Buyer Beware: Unscrupulous Practices in the Duct Cleaning Industry

Buyer Beware: Unscrupulous Practices in the Duct Cleaning Industry

Written by Integrity Duct Cleaning on 2023-11-29

Low prices and subpar or fraudulent work

Consumers should remain vigilant when selecting duct cleaning companies due to the prevalence of unscrupulous practices within the industry. This picture was provided to us by a customer after her distressing situation with a local duct cleaning company. We have heard from many Arizona homeowners over the years complaining about the unpleasant experiences they’ve had with duct cleaning companies they hired (our competitors). Unfortunately, it is all too common to see these companies quoting one price on the phone, then adding on fees when in your home, not honoring the price they had previously given. 

Some companies might lure customers with unbelievably low prices, promising comprehensive services but ultimately delivering subpar or even fraudulent work. These untrustworthy entities often lack proper knowledge and experience, use inadequate equipment, and employ untrained technicians, leading to ineffective cleanings that do little to improve indoor air quality. Additionally, they might resort to aggressive upselling tactics, pressuring customers into unnecessary services or add-ons.

Engaging such deceitful companies not only wastes money but also poses potential risks to the HVAC system and the overall health of the household. Hence, consumers must prioritize reputable, certified companies with a track record of transparent practices and professional expertise to ensure a thorough and legitimate duct cleaning experience.

At Integrity Duct Cleaning we have years of experience and knowledge in our industry that exceeds most others. Our entire company centers around practicing integrity in all our dealings. We communicate our prices and services clearly with no hidden cost, no upsells in your home, treat our customers with respect, and their property as if it was our own. 

As industry innovators and developers of the Mop & Scrub Method™ our cleaning exceeds all duct cleaning processes. We are the only company able to remove loose dust left behind in traditional air duct cleaning. 

Integrity Air Duct Cleaning exists to serve our customers with honesty and respect while providing the most complete and thorough air duct cleaning in the industry at a fair, fully disclosed price. If you have questions about our process or need a quote please give us a call. We would be happy to be of help.